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Sat Nite

heiii… it’s sat nite.. n i spend with write blog n stalking thepradonos blog hehehe..
Inspired by them.. makes me want to write again hehehe..
btw i got new laptop.. yihiy!!! my campie is sick so he should be repair..

Campie Black

My Lovely "Campie Black"

n actually this new laptop not mine.. it’s office’s..
but i was claimed it’s mine hahaha…

My Cute Tibby Browniee

My New Cute "Tibby Browniee"

Sorry yah just temporary.. but i swear next year you can order any models and specs as you like… hehehe…
See? hehehe.. it’s more high specs than my campie… *sorry baby, but i still luv u most..*
Anyway gotta go… want to dream ‘how to get new handphone’ hehehe…


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