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“Girls bring The Boys out..”

Ok i admit! n I’m proud of it! I’m Soshi n actually I’m more Cassiopeia n I’m elf too  hahahaha…
Back to topic… SNSD’s new single!! The Boys has already come out on Oct 19Th hehehe..
Have you seen their MV? It’s sooooo great! Luv Yoona in mv Looks like a real queen! n Suny.. OMG! Her hair makes her more gorgeous!!


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Sat Nite

heiii… it’s sat nite.. n i spend with write blog n stalking thepradonos blog hehehe..
Inspired by them.. makes me want to write again hehehe..
btw i got new laptop.. yihiy!!! my campie is sick so he should be repair..

Campie Black

My Lovely "Campie Black"

n actually this new laptop not mine.. it’s office’s..
but i was claimed it’s mine hahaha…

My Cute Tibby Browniee

My New Cute "Tibby Browniee"

Sorry yah just temporary.. but i swear next year you can order any models and specs as you like… hehehe…
See? hehehe.. it’s more high specs than my campie… *sorry baby, but i still luv u most..*
Anyway gotta go… want to dream ‘how to get new handphone’ hehehe…

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It’s New!!

Asa!! i make another blogs hehehe… well i have two blogs berfore, but i rarely to maintain…
But hellooo this is me… N maybe i would post something in here regularly *i hope sooo*
so now is should learn about how to use wordpress hehehe…
i know it’s late, but better late than never rite? hehehe..
so i just wanna say “Welcome to my rambles” hehehe…

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